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Content High ‘em High Hach!Get the rope, TALK ABOUT AN INGRATE. The artist ZE ltesat concoction will hopefully be his last round-up on the Korean range. This is high noon for a tin horn for the artist known as Zach. If I have anything to do about this guy I would call for the Korean posse to run this sod buster out of Dodge. Obviously an undercover hach agent for the US beef industry. What kind of reward did you get for the this pile of bull you call art ? Lifetime supply of big macs? All you eat at the buffet line? Free grand slam breakfast at Dennys? What rock, or should I say what pile of manure did you crawl from? Here the good people of Korea allow you to come into their country and this is the thanks he gives them? Who is the ingrate now? Hopefully this is your last cattle drive. This lackey artist for the beef industry , masquerading as an artist, should have a wanted dead or alive poster nailed up in the sheriff’s office. Maybe this could be Clint’s last job and Hach can ride off into the sunset or if we are lucky all the town folk will get the rope and high em high.Black Bart [url=]qttmxar[/url] [link=]tzfpwxknodv[/link]