Mr. ebook

  • Mr. eBook Club is a reading program and level-based computer assessment tool for K-12, created produced by Mr. Book’s Club. This program is designed to motivate students to read on their own, while providing parents with a summary and analysis their children's progress.
  • First, a student chooses an eBook among the suggested and recommended list by Mr. eBook based on their reading levels. Once the book has been read, the student takes a computerized comprehension quiz. All quizzes are auto-corrected, and the students can find the answers immediately. Also the parents can review the assessment test results.
  • Mr. eBook club is the most cost-effective solution available to improve students’ independent reading accountability.
  • Mr. e-book's reading level is determined by Lexile and AR level, but many public school teachers have volunteered to review and adjust the level so that it is appropriate for the grade curriculum.
  • The reading level numbers indicates the grade level. Ex) ml 4 : recommended for 4th grader
  • It provides the right level of challenge for the reader’s skills and goals, and monitors growth in reading ability.
  • Mr. eBook Club provides recommended book lists which are categorized into appropriate levels and divide them into six groups of genre for individuals.
  • From this program, you may be able to read all college-approved books, no matter what grade level.
  • You may choose to read a book that is not on your recommended list, however it might not come with a quiz. To search for other book titles, use the "search" tool.