• What is the difference between the current book club and brand new eBook service?
    You can read a variety of books on a handy device at a low cost with no transportation needed.
  • How is our program different from the library?
    Mr.eBookClub carefully selects and provides appropriate book lists as a tool for maintaining your active reading skills.
  • Is eBook reading device needed for this program?
    An eBook reading device is just a part of our giveaway gift that will help in reading comfortably. Mr.eBookClub provides categorized book lists, evaluation system, and a reading result analysis and therefore, you can experience all of these services with any computer or any other devices without the eBook reader.
  • How is student's level determined?
    Mr.eBookClub's level follows grade level. Thus, 4th graders can start the service from ml 4. However, adjusting levels is always available and possible.
  • When to take a level test?
    To diagnose your reading level, click on level test button that is on the left side of our web page.
  • Can't access level test?
    Level test is available for paid members only. It is available every 3 months from previous test date.
  • How the recommended booklist is determined
    Mr.eBookClub carefully reviews selected book lists based on different award winnings by the department of education of each state and other institutions. And again, these books are classified according to their AR Levels and have been verified by school teachers.
  • Do I get the same recommended book list as students who are in my same level?
    No, not necessarily. Mr.eBookClub subdivides not only reading level and genre, but also recommends each individual with various genres of books. Thus a diversity of recommended book lists will be given even though the same levels of books can be read.
  • I've already read the book that your club recommend
    No, you don't need to read from the recommended book lists. It is only provided for your continuous and reading records. You can always search for a book you'd wish to read. However, please try to read from the different types of genres.
  • What if I don't wish to read from the recommended book list?
    Again, you do not have to read from the recommended book lists. It is only provided for your continuous and reading records. You can always search for other books to read. However, if the book is not from your recommended book list, it may not provide a post-reading test.
  • Can't find a book that I wish to read
    In this case, it means we do not have that particular book yet. You can always request for books by clicking on the "Request" button under "My Reading Room's" search engine and we'll be able to provide the book as soon as we can.